I've been subbing so much I stopped posting these! Apparently the last time I posted one of these rants/posts (with the same title) was last year in August! I still ranted after that but not in the same sort of format, lol. Not that it matters or anything. These posts are like my week-in-GIF post but with more writing and less gifs and pictures I captured myself.

BUT ANYWAY FIRST OFF! It's Eid tomorrow where I'm at so Eid Mubarak to those of you that celebrate it.

Now lemme get to talking about the recent things I've encountered in this rollercoaster ride we call life. This post consists of a rant about life, the Steam Summer Sale, Gomen ne Seishun!, Crows Explode, and the birth of Sacchan. LOL. It's long. You have been warned.
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So... skimming through movies, dramas and anime episodes have now become my daily habit. I seriously need to finish some of them but I just can't be bothered to. And my recent download has been Crows Explode! *insert epic sfx here*

If you're friends with me on LJ because of my Tokyo23 subs, that-guy-that-plays-Noboru also acts in Crows Explode! Was his name Yagira something? pff

I'M A HUGE FAN OF CROWS BTW. more on my fangirling later.
*bear in mind I'm writing this post without the help of google fact-checking*

I'm assuming if you're seeing this post you must be entangled in the Japanese world of entertainment somehow, so I think most of you have already heard about Crows, most probably from the countless references mentioned here and there. BUT IF YOU DON'T... It's a manga series that was running in the... 90s... I think? About this school for delinquents called Suzuran, where the students are basically untamable and every student is like trying to "reach the top" and "control" Suzuran. And it *sort of* centers a bit on this crazy strong inhuman lone wolf Harumichi Bouya, who has like this blonde pompadour (that is what you call it right?).

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You know what I want in a guy? Someone who'd watch movies like Crows with me and enjoy themself pf

Don't mind me lol

I really thought he was crying over Amarin in this scene lol

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OH RIGHT! Isn't the guy that plays Handa in Gomen ne Seishun (the student council president of Tonkou) the guy that plays the gym teacher in Great Teacher Onizuka?!? So wieeerd NOPE

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