Not subs, I'm sorry! I'm kind of in a slump lately... In this black hole of procrastination. So I haven't finished subbing a thing. Instead I spent my time reading mangas that I haven't read yet. So here's what I think about Fujii Aya's Warui Hito (悪いひと)!

I bought the manga off of cdjapan last year? Or was it this year I can't remember. I didn't read any synopsis of it online, I bought it solely because I loved the cover art and it seemed interesting enough. Back when I bought it there weren't any raws/scanlated versions up online, but I looked it up just now and there are translated Japanese raws on raffmanga here! So check that out if you'd like to read it :)
P.S. Pictures are taken using my phone and not scanned, so it might vary in quality, heheh.
Title // Warui Hito 『悪いひと』 (lit.: Bad Guy)
Story & Art // Fujii Aya
Genre // Shoujo, Romance, Slice of Life
Volumes-Chapters // 1-5 (included one shot, Dare Datta ke? Suzuki-kun)
Status // Completed
Serialization // Bessatsu Margaret (2014)

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