It's too messy and biased to be called a review, but it's something like a review. Spoiler-free.

Last weekend I went to watch One Piece Film Gold in the movies! I rarely watch non-English movies in the cinema, the last one I watched was probably Doraemon's Stand By Me and I wasn't an avid Doraemon follower so it wasn't that memorable, but GOD DAMN there's something about watching One Piece in a big screen that's just so satisfying.

Heyhoo, this is just kind of a get-to-know me sort of thing? Here are things I post on places other than LJ!

Lately I've been thinking about better incorporating and connecting my online platforms. So I'm not sure any of the people I know here is even interested tbh, cause I have such different kinds of friends on different platforms, but all the things I post here and all the things I post other places are all me and things I like, so yeah!

The other day I posted a video on facebook where I ranted about Karamazov no Kyodai, if you'd like to see that, go here hehehe. I kinda post videos here and there onto my facebook page when I'm free and bored haha. And maybe if some of you are curious as to what I sound like, just check out the videos on there XD

Oh and I also upload a bunch of my ship-building videos onto YouTube! The other day one of them got 1K views heehee <3 I'll put them under the cut :3

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