The Last Cop renzoku drama in October, announced!

I've always wanted to write something useful like this but never have. This is my first go at translating a news article, it's very liberal and loose, you have been warned.

The source of this article translation type thing that's not really a translation is from Oricon. The grammar is horrible, please spare me on that aspect. And I didn't translate one paragraph that announced the other casts, sorry.

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Before anything else, WHY CAN'T MEGA LINKS WORK FOR ME? *cries hysterically*
It's finally my long-awaited break and I can't even open any download links... Is it a thing with my internet or my computer or my service... WHAT IS IT. Cause I checked and they say Mega's not down...

Anyways, FIRST~ Some gossip-ish newwws! HAVE YOU HEEAARD?

The actor and actress couple Masahiro Higashide and Anne will be getting married on New Year's!

Call me lame, but I didn't even know they were together, lol. I guess it's probably because I'm not a fan of either of them? WELL, I MEAN. I've been a fan of Masahiro Higashide ever since I saw him on Crows Explode, but I just saw Crows Explode, like, two months ago? What I'm trying to say is that I'm a relatively new fan, lol.
I'm happy for them though!! They look surprisingly well together!
(Though coming from a xxxHolic fan, my mind keeps thinking of is Yuko and Doumeki together)

IN OTHER NEWS. Hiro Mizushima and his wife, Ayaka, is expecting their first child! Yay for them!
(no pictures for that cause I don't have any(?))

IN OTHER, OTHER NEWS. My package finally arrived last week!

I dunno why I took the picture this way, sorry.
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