Last Saturday I went on a two hour trip to the post office that's smack in the middle of jam-packed streets to go and pick up my package. It was worth it though, cause it was in my hands just three days after the release date which was super cool.

I bought Masuda Riho's Haruniwa cause it was recommended to me and I've read the first story, and of course the album. Specifically the HiGH&LOW Original Best Album [2CD+DVD] with a first press and external bonus.

Haruniwa by Masuda Riho published by Margaret Comics // HiGH&LOW Original Best Album [2CD+DVD] with first press and external bonus
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OH and I almost forgot, but I'll be uploading subs to EXILE THE SECOND's appearance in Buzz Rhythm soon, just finishing up and then I'll be encoding it and uploading it in no time.

Normally I spazz and fangirl realtime all over twitter and facebook, but I like rounding the week (or more than a week) up over here so here I am doing this again. YEAH.

(Previous Week in GIF Post)

This'll probably contain some rants and whining, too. And it's all over the place. You have been warned.
But it's great fun to write (LOL)

Super-cute Ren to start of with.
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It's practically just fanservice isn't it? Cause IMO the plot so far (in the first season) is next to nothing and it's all over the place (I'm hoping they'll round it up in the next season). BUT GOD DAMN LOOK AT THESE DUDEESSS.

Oh this post is spoiler free. It's just stills or gifs of good looking dudes and me flailing. Has nothing to do with the story.
Mostly Himura Hideo no Suiri and Shin Domoto Kyodai with a dash of other things and Sacchan's Yamamoto-Yusuke-jaw-fetish-revival.

This is going to be all over the place, but it's how I wanted it to be like, just saying. It's an organized mess, to an extent, just like my life. #deep (Oh and I used a video-to-gif-converter to make these so that's why they have the same textures)

A smirky Kubota Masataka before the cut cause why not. :>
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Recaps? More like rant.

Heyhoo! It's been a while, I hope you're all doing well! :3

So I just finished watching the 2015 FNS Kayousai (the first part, cause apparently there's gonna be another one on the 16th, was it?), it was awesome! Formal, but awesome!

It's my first time watching it, so bear the noob-ness in my comments XD I knew it existed a long while ago, but what made me want to watch was when they spoke about it on a god-knows-when episode of Shin Domoto Kyoudai where they talked about how nerve-wracking it was and how there were awkward seats and stuff. So I scoured the internet for the whole show and I found it! Woop woop!

This post mainly consists of caps of the performances and bits and pieces that I thought was interesting. But being a Johnny's fan in general, I'm pretty sure I have caps of all the JE groups hehehe.

TOKIO did the opening with their song Ambitious Japan! then continued with Tokyo Drive!

There's nothing like muscly ossan-s in a band.
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(The third-person speak is getting kind of old, haha)

I just finished watching the first episode of the Last Cop, yesshhh. It's great!

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Happy new year, from the Golden Bomber members, too! ><

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So 2014 has nearly ended. It was a good year, for me. A lot of things happened... I started seriously taking care of my LiveJournal account and subbing (though the amount and quality is still questionable...). Met a whole bunch of people, made a bunch of new friends, got a bunch of new experience, everything's awesome.
Thank you for each and everyone of you peeps that have been a part of my 2014! I hope your year was as good, (if not better than) as mine!
Fingers crossed hoping 2015 holds good things for all of us :D (Hopefully my exams next year goes well, psh)

This is most probably my last post in 2014! Sorry for spamming your feeds >///<
Again, happy new years, wherever you are XD
See you next year!


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