So recently I became really into Sexy Zone after watching an episode of Sexy Zone Channel... Damn eettt they're so cute. The fact that Marius is younger than me bothers me a whole lot, but NEVERMIND THAT.

I then fell in love with the amazing human being that is Nakajima Kento... I mean, HNGG IKEMENNN...
I'm starting to think I have a thing for guys with slightly bunny-teeth... (I'm a HUGE fan of Arashi's MatsuJun, too)

So I looked Kento and his dramas up~
I wanted to watch Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon), but I couldn't find it anywhere so I settled with Bad Boys J. I GAVE THE FIRST EPISODE A GOOO~

I jumped into it thinking it would be something similar to Crows Zero... BIG MISTAKE *facepalm*

Bad Boys J - Full of pretty-faced ikemens who look like they have no reason to fight. They look rather frail and, well, pretty, to me... Some of them look gay... Harsh, maybe... BUT I was comparing them to Crows Zero. I stopped comparing them after a while and realized how reasonably enjoyable it was with all the amazing-jawed characters and beautiful bishounen hairstyles.

Oh how happy I was when I then realized Triendl Rina and AKB48's Tomochin plays in it toooo :3 I love them, they're so pretty and is everything I strive to be *tears*

Okay, dramatic...

Anyways, story and plot wise I dunno how good it is yet... I hold back my opinions on everything before I see the whole series! :D

Hopefully I'll be patient and watch it till the end, LOL

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