Hai haaai~ Sacchan dweeesu~ ^w^

So, the other day I finally finished Hanazakari no Kimitachi e! It was amazinggg... and FULL OF IKEMENSSS~ Kyaa kyaa~
Afterwards, I was pretty much obsessed with the actors in it >< Mainly Hiro Mizushima, Ikuta Toma, and Yamamoto Yusuke <3

Which is why I started watching Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo...
I mean COME ON. Look at him... Doesn't he look amazing? And his jawsssss! Man, his jawsss (I'm sorry I have a strange jaw-fetish)

Up till now I've watched two episodes (there's a total of eight) and I've totally loved it XD
The actors and actresses are pretty well picked, and the camera shoots and stuffs are really just perfect for me!
The characters have adorable uniforms and hairstyles too :3 Not to mention how much Yamamoto Yusuke's hairstyle suits him kyahaha.

The drama also has a bunch of kissing scenes... I really don't mind, If kissing's not your thing (esp since this one has some dude-dude kissing) then maybe this is not the drama for you.-. BUT if you don't mind, it's awesome!

Ahhh in the end I'm just saying useless things...
Sumimasen deshita (_ _)m

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