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Subbed this ages ago for personal enjoyment but I thought I might as well upload this cause I haven't uploaded anything in two weeks. Three of my favorite performances by TEE-san on UTAGE!. Uploaded it onto gdrive in case you just wanna stream and not download them. They're short.

First is Spitz's Cherry.

I LOVE this song. I discovered it from Guitar Freaks LOL, which is an arcade game, where you strum a toy(?) guitar and match the notes scrolling down the screen, kinda like Guitar Hero I guess. But the songs in it are Japanese. You play three songs for one credit, and my setlist is usually Kiseki > Ayumi > Cherry, hahaha. TEE-san's take on it was funky and fun like his take on everything, really. Which is what I love most about him.

Second is TEE's Baby I Love You.

I think this is one of the first UTAGE! episodes I watched? Also the first time I found out about TEE-san. It's like his staple song and a very popular one, at that. The original is great but the one he performed with Ninomiya is too die for. Their voices sound so good together, and, again, TEE-san's take on the performance is just so different from the recorded version and you can really tell he enjoys singing very much.

Third, THE TRABRYU's Road.

I've never heard of Road before this but it certainly got me into the song. And Tsuruno-san's vocals are just perfect for this song GOSH. Not to mention TEE's harmonica, it being his first experience with the harmonica, and his initial failure with the intro, MAN! It's good stuff. You should know the reason I bought a harmonica is 80% Shibutani Subaru and 20% TEE.

This performance was why I decided to sub TEE-san's performances on UTAGE! in the first place, haha. So I could watch it whilst singing along.

Also, I put in the effort to actually translate the lyrics this time. They might be shitty and inaccurate but hey, I tried. And I'm proud of myself for trying.

Enjoy and tell me what you think.

What's your favorite UTAGE! performance? :3

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