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What a shitty, click-bait-y title, eh?

Rather than a dislike, it's probably just that I'm not good with change and adapting and I just don't bother with it if I can. But alas, life doesn't always go the way you want it to, does it?

Everyone's moving to DW so I'm being a paranoid sheep and moving with them. I still don't know how this shit works though so bear with me.

Right now I think if you're mutual friends with me you'll be able to see my locked entries on here with your OpenID? I'm not sure. Someone please enlighten me on that and how the friends-system works over here cause I don't understand anything.

Another thing, is that I'm not the best at making friends. So just thinking about how I have to start over and add friends from scratch terrify me for some reason. Moving my LJ account seemed like this... this... "thing" that I've built since two years ago had to be demolished all of a sudden and I have to tell everyone that I moved address.

What am I even spouting.

Well, you get the gist.

I'm trying to use crossposting for the first time here, too, I wonder if it works okay...

I hope if you added me on LJ you won't mind adding me on here, either. I'm sacchanxd everywhere. Yoroshiku.
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