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Managed to finish this faster than I expected cause I started rewatching it and got hooked again, I just love this series SO MUCH~ I also don't understand how a show can be so funny and so sad at the same time :(

*melts into a puddle of feels*

This looks funny without audio
It's another good one! Though honestly IMO all of the episodes are great hahaha.
I did this one from scratch are you proud of me? #slapped. The last time I subbed a drama/movie/series from scratch was Tokyo23 and we all know how that turned out... *shivers* I might redo those one day if I have time but I don't, really, haha. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!

There are a few conversation blanks in here if you're keen enough to find them, and some others are translated very loosely cause I honestly don't understand what the person's saying. Like Moonlight Kiyomi or Shimaoka's lines... They're nothing but gibberish to my ears sometimes. And one of Kyougoku-san's jokes. And there's the press conference thing at the end of the episode that I didn't translate lol sorry about that but he was basically talking about the resolution of the case, if you care. And I messed up the telepathic translation thing at the end, Kyougoku said "The correct answer is... "Pear juice splatter"" when I wrote "The world is pear juice splatter"... Why? Idek, honestly.

I tried harder with the on-screen texts this time! Hopefully I did most of them. Still not sure I did. But I assure you most of the time they're not very important, if I've missed them, I made sure to translate all the important ones. Hope the typesetting's not too terrible, I changed the font cause the last one I used didn't look very nice in italic.

Subs are timed to the [NOP] Clean screen raws from nyaa. Notify me if you have other raw versions.

Enjoy <3
* MEGA (60 KB)*
Hardsubs on this post (f-locked)
As always I'll be keeping the hardsubs freely downloadable for a week, then I'll move them to this post here with the other hardsubs, but I'll leave the softsubs open on this post. No reuploading, redistributing, or retranslating.

Leave a comment if you're taking! And tell me if you're enjoying The Last Cop so far!

Excuses excuses excuses, but classes have restarted and now I'm a second year! Hence I shall only be working on subs during my free time, and The Last Cop, Night Hero Naoto, and variety shows and shorts will have to take turns so they'll probably take a while. Look forward to them though! <3


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