Last Saturday I went on a two hour trip to the post office that's smack in the middle of jam-packed streets to go and pick up my package. It was worth it though, cause it was in my hands just three days after the release date which was super cool.

I bought Masuda Riho's Haruniwa cause it was recommended to me and I've read the first story, and of course the album. Specifically the HiGH&LOW Original Best Album [2CD+DVD] with a first press and external bonus.

Haruniwa by Masuda Riho published by Margaret Comics // HiGH&LOW Original Best Album [2CD+DVD] with first press and external bonus
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OH and I almost forgot, but I'll be uploading subs to EXILE THE SECOND's appearance in Buzz Rhythm soon, just finishing up and then I'll be encoding it and uploading it in no time.


It's practically just fanservice isn't it? Cause IMO the plot so far (in the first season) is next to nothing and it's all over the place (I'm hoping they'll round it up in the next season). BUT GOD DAMN LOOK AT THESE DUDEESSS.

Oh this post is spoiler free. It's just stills or gifs of good looking dudes and me flailing. Has nothing to do with the story.

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