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Subs. Mirror's Edge. One Piece. Life.

If you're friends with/follow me on Facebook or Twitter you've probably heard this a million times so just ignore this post or I'm gonna sound very annoying and repetitive, please.

First of some sub progress update, I currently have four unfinished projects: 1) An episode of Night Hero Naoto, 2) 3JSB on A-Studio, 3) KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru, 4) An episode of Maijani. It is SO HARD to sub things when I don't feel like it. And I mostly NEVER feel like doing these projects, I usually end up watching something new and end up wanting to sub that one. Which is why I don't progress very much.

I'm so sorry if you requested something and I take so damn long to finish it. I realize I'm very selfish but hey, I ain't exactly getting paid, either. Not that I mind.

Now that that's over with. Another reason why I don't sub as much is because of three things.

One, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst.

It's the prequel to the Mirror's Edge game (which I love) and I have it on the PS4, which means I can only play on weekends cause that's when I'm home and home is where the consoles are at. So I spend most of my weekend playing through the game, and occasionally trying to complete the achievements on Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The graphics are so good I can't even.

Two, I don't watch many new things, heck, I don't even watch anime anymore, but I rewatch things like it's an addiction (it probably is).

This past month I've rewatched probably three seasons of CSI, a season of Almost Human and Backstrom, and a couple episodes of One Piece. And I cried, for the gazillionth time, for One Piece. I'm waaaaay to invested on that show.

Also added two new ships to my collection, the Film Gold edition of the Thousand Sunny, and the large edition of Shanks's Red Force.
Oh and did I mention I started watching Criminal Minds from season one cause I found a fic of it online and was curious? Well, I did.

Three, real life has been relentlessly exhausting, as always.

It's one more week till midterms which means finals are closing in (I know this sounds unrealistic and negative but it is how it is), so I'm trying to study and all, but it stresses me out most of the time so I procrastinate.

Also, I joined a debate competition two weeks back which was fun but super tiring. And a lot of organizational events were just going on at Uni and I always come back home in the weekends completely spent and exhausted.
This entire post is just lengthy complaining with no purpose, lol. At least writing this all out relieved me off some stress and burden, haha.

I might not have any subs up this week, I can't decide what to work on first or if I even want to work on anything, sorry. Have a good weekend.

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