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Welcome to my journal dreamwidth. If we're mutuals on LJ and you're adding me here with your DW acc instead of your OpenID, please do say so! :)

I'm Sacchan! I fangirl most of the time but sometimes that ends up in me subbing things (rather shabbily), which I guess is why most of you came here? I was an anime-manga-game fan to begin with, but I became into other Japanese stuffs after seeing MatsuJun in Gokusen. This journal is basically anything and everything I fangirl about. Yoroshiku ne!
(Also, I'm a hopeless chuunibyou so please spare me and my weirdness.)

My index basically doesn't work on DW, so I'll get to fixing that later. You can comment here if you want access to my locked DW posts, but please state that you're using a DW acc.

EDIT: For some reason, I found that some of my LJ mutuals are already granted access and some aren't, so if you have problems accessing my locked posts here please just say so cause I have no clue what is going on, tbh.
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✱ about me ✱

Sacchan here,
Jack of all fandoms, half otaku-half chuunibyou, sporadic third-person speaker.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Welcome to my journal!
Home of my weekly rants, fangirl-business, and occasional fansubs and translations!

✱ style ✱