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Long time no write.
Today was the first day of my finals! The first and the most stressful. Long story short I had to memorize 14 cases and their basic sciences I've studied this semester and present a random one. Oh and I'm in my 2nd year of med school, fyi.


I swear I have the worst procrastinating habits. I have been aware that this test was coming since the beginning of my semester, but not once did I choose to study the materials little by little from the start. Instead I say, "I'll study when it's a month to the test, that should give me enough time." then "A week to the test, two cases per day sounds okay.", and then it's three days, two days, and a day.

So my head basically exploded yesterday and I was so unbelievably nauseated with the stress and pressure. Literally had an emotional breakdown and cried for half an hour.

I don't understand why I do this to myself.

I've had similar tests four times before in the past semesters and the SAME THING happens each time. And every time I say this to anyone they all just go "Then stop procrastinating. *shrug*". WELL OH SHIT. LEMME GO AND TURN OF THAT PROCRASTINATION SWITCH NOW HOLD ON BRB.


I know the answer is to just... not be lazy and suck it up. This post is just my way of saying I don't understand how my brain works sometimes. 危機感がない is the best way I can explain it.

But well I think I've sort of improved the past few semesters in terms of procrastination. Ish.

I... kinda sorta finished ~three shoujo mangas and an anime before I started studying? And maybe... maybe finished subbing an episode of TokiKake...?

Let's talk about those.

I read mangas regularly, it's not a big deal. But two days ago I read like the entirity of scanlated Pika Ichi chapters, finished Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, finished Watashi no Ookami-kun, and caught up on Horimiya. It's not much when you're talking about just reading mangas for a day, but I HAD AN EXAM THE DAY AFTER. WHY BRAIN.

I think past-me's motto is "Let future me worry about that."

Oh and I also downloaded animes out of the blue??? LiKEE???? Animes are so... 2014-me. I haven't watched a series in AGES other than One Piece. But I legit looked for good-looking finished shows on anichart and downloaded some. What a time to be jumping back into the otaku bandwagon, eh.

And that's how I ended up finishing ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka in a day.

It's a great series though Jean x Nino for life. Also it sounds so damn weird that they gotta elongate the "i" in Nino cause I'm used to Arashi Nino with a short "i". Niiiiiino.

Oh but my exams aren't over yet, still about three weeks more of it, haha. The rest starts on Monday.

What should I do on this short holiday?~~

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