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Nearly a month after episode two, here's episode three. I'm so sorry.

As usual, it's a good one. The raws I have for the next two episodes after this have two parts, so I was wondering if you'd like me to finish both and upload them together, or upload part by part?


I finished it this morning just before I left for classes (fyi my university is a long way from my house, I have to go on like a toll road type thing and spend about an hour on the road) so it's pretty raw and probably imperfect but I hope it doesn't bother you too much. I was also late so I didn't have time to hardsub using my desktop computer, I might try with my laptop tomorrow but I don't know how that'll go so don't count on it. Hardsubs will probably be up later this weekend at the latest.

And I missed some on-screen text as usual since I was mostly timing using the audio spectrum and translated after I timed it. I'm pretty sure no key-points were left untranslated though, or it'll be explained later.


  • Emmanuelle: A character from like a softcore porn movie Emmanuelle Fujin, there's an English version of the movie too, titled simply Emmanuelle.

  • Tabak-toyok: a Filipino weapon similar to the nunchuck, but according to wikipedia, usually has shorter handles/stick thingy-s and longer chains that connect them.

  • Jabbar: I'm guessing he meant the basketball player, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

* MEGA *
Hardsubs on this post (f-locked)
As always, shares are much appreaciated but please link back to this post! And leave a comment if you're taking <3
Oh and if you'd like to be notified when the hardsubs are up just say so and I'll tell you when they are! Hehe.

Two more episodesss! I wanted to finish the entire thing before any of the special episodes came out but I was too late hahaha.

Oh well.

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