Oct. 22nd, 2016

For those of you that are totally cool and patient with my sporadic uploads, thank you. For those of you that aren't so patient, well... I'm sorry. Thanks for keeping up with my unsteady subbing pace.

Oh and since so many people were asking for retranslation permissions, I guess I'll put it here. I'm not accepting retranslations of my Last Cop subs, I'm sorry. The reason is because unlike when I'm translating from Japanese subtitles, these subs are purely by ear and my limited understanding of Japanese, so there's probably already lots of things lost in translation there, and I don't think it'll do the drama justice. Hope you understand.

Yuzuru-san what are you doing here? Where's Seryou?
(Idk why I didn't notice him in the first episode haha)

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