Subbed this ages ago for personal enjoyment but I thought I might as well upload this cause I haven't uploaded anything in two weeks. Three of my favorite performances by TEE-san on UTAGE!. Uploaded it onto gdrive in case you just wanna stream and not download them. They're short.

Cherry, Baby I Love You, Road )
By Nikaido I mean Kis-My-Ft2 and Busaiku's Nikaido Takashi ><

He sang by himself on stage for the first time it was the most adorable thing ever :3
It was on UTAGE, and he sang GreeeeN's "Kiseki"

せめて言わせて「幸せです」と :3

I'm not saying he sounds amazing, it's just you can see he's doing and trying his best and he's just, well, adorable XD

He said it was the first time he sang and stood on stage alone

He looks so happy after he finished ><

On a slightly different note, it's cool how everyone sings Kiseki ufufu even 2PM XD
Kiseki's just an amazing song haha, it also fit Rookies perfectly :3

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