I've been told a couple times that I'm not really good at seeing resemblances, lol. But here I go anyway.

You know Yamashita Tomohisa? Yamapi? Course you do. Who am I kidding.
After google-searching him I realized I don't like still images of him much cause he (most of the time) looks like a pompous douche. But a very good-looking one at that. (Yamapi fans please don't kill me, I love him too XD)
Well do you know Shiraishi Mai or Maiyan? If you're into JE and aren't so into Nogizaka46 (she's a member), you might know her as Shigeoka's (I forgot his character's name, heheh, but the wiki says Keita Onozawa) lady-friend in Bad Boys J the movie.

QUEEEEEN. Ugh, so pretty.
I realized after watching her when she guested at an episode of Nakai's Museum of Modern Music!! ...SHE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE HIM.

Well maybe not all the time, but in some angles.
Look at this picture and tell me that does not look like Yamapi.
It's from Maiyan's photobook, "Seijun na Otona"
She looks like Yamapi in make-up here, lol.
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