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The other TokiKake ep I promised.

Just when I thought Tegoshi couldn't get any more charai. He surprises me time and time again.

Even TOKIO agrees.

I didn't know NEWS back then but they've certainly come a long way, haven't they.

I really tried with the timing and typesetting but the encoding unsynced the whole thing *tableflip* i tried. And not many caps cause I'm tired but please do give it a watch it's pretty hilarious.

Lots of notes for this one cause I think my translation is worsening? Or it's just  a difficult episode.

- Charai: people usually translate it to "flashy"? But it kinda means something like "playaaaa" as in "player", someone who plays around a lot. But these words are too mild and out of meaning for Tegoshi. Nothing describes him as well as "charai", Tegoshi Yuya is the embodiment of "charai"! So I kept it in.
- Chankapaana: CMIIW all the NEWS fans out there but I think the "Chan" comes from the suffix "-chan" as in a term of endearment for girls, and the "kapana" means "beloved", apparently. I wrote "Chankapaana" with two A-s cause I romanized the katakana, if you were wondering.
- Kei no wagon: not familiar with cars at all but here's my best guess. It's probably a "wagon/van" that is under the "kei car" category. It's like a smaller version, probably. Maybe. So I wrote "small van".
- Yankee: the Japanese subculture yankee, not the New York Yankees. Felt like mentioning it for some reason.
- Damedashi: it means something like, saying the dame/not-good points. Which I translated into things they could improve/do better.
- Oraora: the entire sweet words thing that Tegoshi said made me have a nervous breakdown. My translation is literally a shot in the dark. Let me try and explain what I think... "Ore itsumo oraora dakedo, tamani wa amaesasete" is like... "I'm usually very hardheaded and I do whatever I want to, but once in a while, please baby/spoil me." which doesn't fit in a subtitle but there ya go.
- Pachinko: it's an arcade/gambling game.

Raws from hazelnuteclair@LJ
MEGA (700 MB)
* MEGA *

Enjoy and leave a comment if you're taking! Tell me what you think!

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