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 From the time Kame guested on TokiKake to promote P to JK. I gave up and decided to not sub the Denim Joshi Collection part. Soz.

- Kimura Takuya (calling JE)

I tweeted about this ages ago (and even did a vote between this ep and Tego's ep)... It took me this long to sub half the episode cause I had been sick the last two weeks... Hence the short hiatus on LJ. I'm okay now though.

Although now finals start in a weeeeeek and I am not readyyyy.

Translation Notes that I remember:
- Sharan Q: a Japanese rock band. Matsu-nii probably associated them with Yasu cause of his blonde hair or cause they're both from Osaka so they give off a same feel (analysis courtesy of  @gurinrenjya516). Or his joke is just super out there.
- Henkakyuu: I'm not familiar with baseball terms so I translated it into curveball for formalities. But according to the interwebs it means "ball that changes speed" in English.
- Tate-shakai/Vertical society: a system of caste of sorts... As in the whole senpai kouhai thing but like REALLY senpai kouhai thing (?). Like seniority to the max.
- Kamekamekamekame sours kamekame: the CM plays on the word "kame" which means bite, but also means turtle. And guess what? It's also Kamenashi Kazuya's nickname. Swell.

Linkssssss. Leave a comment if you're taking and enjoy!

Raws from Alinka shared on kame-world
MEGA (330.9 MB)
* MEGA *

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