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This was brought to my attention by [livejournal.com profile] tomakute , and 99% the reason why I subbed it is because I lose my frickin' nipper ALL THE TIME. Watch the episode to get the reference, pffft.

Monitoring has so many on-screen text it's basically just a Japanese-subbed show. Which sucks. Cause my self-proclaimed perfectionist ass wants to snap everything onto frames and make everything look just right when realistically that takes way to long and not that many people care about choppy timing. Or even realize it.

Anyways. About 3/4th of the way through you'll see I stopped fine-timing it and just gave up. Sorry about that.

It's partly because the original raw I downloaded from bilibili had glitches in it so it won't show up properly on aegisub, so I had to convert it, and after the conversion I had to fine-time the entire thing ALL OVER AGAIN. Which was super time consuming.

And that's why it's full of glitches, sorry about that. Also why I'm not uploading softsubs, but if you're willing to retime it, be my guest. I'll gladly send you the softsubs.

T/N: I didn't translate aru-aru cause I couldn't find the right word, but it's what the Japanese call something common/something that often happens. The aru itself means something like "there" as in "it's there" or "it exists", if that makes sense. A google search will probably help you better cause I'm horrible at explaining this, believe me, I've tried.

Don't reupload, redistribute, or modify without permission! Leave some loveee and comment if you're taking, they make my day.

MEGA (700.3 MB)

Mwah. Enjoy.

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