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Heyyyyooooo I'm back with Janiben! This time from two weeks ago when Shori and Kanna guested to promote their movie, Haruchika! They're so good looking and they look good together I shippppp

Episode highlights include:

The ossans fawning over Kanna-chan

And blaming Shori for not getting her good points on camera

Shori being roped into the mozzarella cheese game, and MUCH MUCH MORE.
As usual, I didn't include the ee yan sagashi and 3 takku part. I almost did though. But you can literally see my effort decreasing throughout the video, haha.

- Haiku: a form of Japanese poetry, it's made up of three lines. The first line is 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables, and the third 5 syllables (5-7-5). I actually don't know the actual rules and all, but I know that sometimes they have 'seasonal words' in them, just google it if you're interested, haha. I also tried my hardest to translate them accurately but it was practically impossible, so they came out pretty far from the original in terms of meaning, sorry.

- Bupapabupapa: hahaha, it's Maple Chogokin's gag. And the guy in the red shirt is Kaz Laser (or at least that's how I think you romanize his name?

- Hamburg!: It's a reference to Hamburg Shisho. He literally screams, "Hamburg!"

- I'm Osamu-chan!: another comedian reference. And if you're wondering why Hina's "mozzarella cheese" counted and everyone understood what he meant, it's cause that's how the original gag is.

Quick note, the original raw I had was LQ, so... it's LQ. Yeah. And there's gaps in the conversation, lots of 'em. Too tired to look 'em up or hear them correctly.

Leave a comment if you enjoyed and tell me what your thoughts on the episode! Would love to talk about it <3
Raws from bilibili
MEGA (305 MB)

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