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Said I was gonna sub Maijani again so here it is! They looked through unaired scenes where other Johnny's Jr. members guested!

Other than the Kanjunis there's 4U.'s Koshioka Yuki and Mr. KING (Nagase Ren, Hirano Sho, Takahashi Kaito). It's a good ep to start with if you're not familiar with Maijani or the Kansai Jrs so I suggest you give it a watch!

The East and West niisans together give me life

Sho doesn't change one bit I love him so much ;-;
It's been nearly TWO YEARS since I started subbing Maijani, can you believe it? According to LJ I posted my first Maijani sub on the 15th of March 2015 IT'S SO WEIRD. It doesn't feel like it's been that long at all.


And now he's become all famous and all grown and is working in Tokyo omg the feels.
I didn't know how to put the notes on-screen without it blocking the view cause they're lengthy so here they are.
- Not even a translation note but I actually had blur effects on some of the typesetting but they didn't appear cause I used the wrong hardsubbing software LOL. If you use the softsubs I think you'll still see them. Probably.
- Changing favorites: in the original episode Ryusei talked about how he got a fanletter that said she (the fan) used to be Ryuta-kun's fan but changed to Ryusei.
- The joke... Oh, the joke. Japanese jokes are so damn hard to translate. TL;DR version would be that it's a joke full of kanji references. Longer explanation is that when Ryuta-kun says "They're not paintings (kaiga)", Jiiko answers with "The 2nd floor (ni-kai)". Then he mentions how Jiiko was supposed to say "Picture~ (E)" as the final punchline. Or in the words of the Japanese, sandan ochi, which I just translated into a triple punchline. But it means something like three-step fall/climax where the comedian mentions a similar situation three times.
- GGS: the acronym-usage is stolen from the popular DAIGO-san while the "Goigoisu~" gag is from Daian's Tsuda-san, which is just a play on the word "Sugoi (Awesome)", though if you watch Maijani often you know it's practically Jiiko's joke cause he uses it so much LOL.
Raws from [livejournal.com profile] kansai_juniors
MEGA (298.5 MB)
* MEGA *
Leave a comment if you're taking and tell me what you think <3 Oh and if you'd like me to sub one of the episodes shown on this episode (or any Maijani episode for that matter) leave a comment on that, too. And I'll probably put it on top of my on-going projects cause I enjoy subbing this show too much and I'm a shitty procrastinator that doesn't want to face the difficult projects I still have unfinished.

Anyways. This was a trip down memory lane, somehow. After I finished this I went and rewatched my old subs and it kinda made me cringe HAHA. I'm so glad I'm learning.

If you haven't watched the older Maijani episodes I subbed, just go under the maido jani tag and you'll find a shit ton.

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