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Literally a game where Eito come out of their closets.

And like all things Eito, it's comedy gold.

Would you believe me if I said I had this sitting in my files un-encoded for nearly a month? Cause that's what happened. And now I don't even remember where I got the raws from, but it's LQ. Sorry if it bothers you.

Anyways. Two notes cause I felt like it.
- I just thought it was worth-noting that Maru said goigoisu instead of sugoi. If you watch Maijani you'd know Jiiko says it a ton, it's originally Daian's gag/joke. But I guess it's become a normal everyday phrase now? Idk. Just wanted to point it out.
- "Just go to the toilet already", if you're thinking about why it's so out of place and sudden, it's because earlier on the episode the guest complained about gas and constipation, then he got this massage that's supposed to help with his condition... Yeah. Context.
MEGA (113.1 MB)
Leave a comment if you're taking and enjoy!

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