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I forgot to put this in my on-going projects list but here it is as promised!

Episode highlights include:
Yamada saying Kento's lines and killing it


Koichi being petty as usual

And TOKIO made fun of in DK for the gazillionth time

I only subbed the Trendy Angel and Yamada's part, and included Koichi's story from the talk with Nogizaka46 cause I couldn't be bothered to do the rest. I also subbed their Ai no Katamari performance with Yamada. That song makes me feel feelings I never knew existed man. Also, according to Facebook memories, I subbed last last year's Bunbubuun Christmas SP around the same time, how weird is that. Go watch that if you haven't it's good fun. No translation notes this time cause I honestly have no idea what's going on either most of the time HAHA. Spare me. Softsubs fit the raws posted in domotokyodai but the parts I didn't sub... aren't subbed, lol, duh.

Raws from jsm27@clubbox
Reuploaded by oey at the domotokyoudai comm
MEGA (642.2 MB)
* MEGA *

Leave a comment if you're taking and enjoy! And tell me if you have issues with the files/links.

Oh and sorry for not replying lately, I promise I'll go through the comments soon both on LJ and DW but give me time huhuhu.


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